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  • Stefvangray13

    I think Jane should have a girl and name her either after her grandmother or name her Stephenie!!!!!!!!!

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  • Fred-V

    ABC pulled the remaining episodes from schedule, but Fox 8 (Australia) will air the 4 remaining episodes this January (Mondays 9:30pm). So the fans don't have to wait until the summer, if someone can upload these episodes somewhere so we can download them.

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  • SecretCircleMegaFan

    Hey fans of ABC's supernatural drama! You may have heard recently that 666 Park Avenue got axed by the network, likely because of ratings and Hurricane Sandy.

    But! As there are still 6 episodes to watch, we have still time to save the show! Indeed, if you people keep watching the show live (please don't let it down!), and if numbers subsequently rise, ABC might reconsider his decision.

    You can also sign a petition on here and check out watch thinks you should do.

    And finally, you can contact ABC on Facebook and on the shows's page ; on Twitter ; and use the trend #Save666ParkAve.

    Come on, we can do it! ABC has still not planned a replacement for the show on Sunday nights.

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  • SecretCircleMegaFan

    Earlier, ABC announced that both freshman dramas, The Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, were cancelled. The shows will however be removed from the network after their thirteen original episodes have aired.

    A lack of audience and the destruction of the sets by Hurricane Sandy are likely to be the reasons of the show's cancellation.

    Anger: "Damn it! Another good show was cancelled. I might follow Jane down the stairs, far from the rude world of TV."

    Hope: "Maybe Chiller TV (a specialized in horror shows cabe network) could pick it up, right?"

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  • SecretCircleMegaFan

    Episode infobox

    November 12, 2012 by SecretCircleMegaFan

    Hi! I know I'm quite new here, but I noticed the infoboxes for the episodes were a little "dull", so I tried to change it with new colors so that it catches more the eye. Hope you don't mind? Otherwise I can change it back. That's just I noticed there were no admins on here so I didn't know who to ask.

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  • Gcheung28

    "Pilot" Recap

    October 1, 2012 by Gcheung28

    HOLY MOLY, PEOPLE!! If you watched the premiere of 666 Park Avenue last night then you know some really weird stuff went down!! Jane and Henry became the resident managers of The Drake, Gavin Doran did some really creepy stuff, and there was a bunch of scary supernatural things going on (uhh people getting sucked into walls, WHAT?!)!

    For those of you who missed the episode, here are the key points that you need to know happened:

    • People who live in The Drake have to pay a rent, but, unlike other places where the rent will just give you a place to live, Gavin will also give you things that you've dreamed of (like a career as a successful musician or even something like bringing your wife back from the dead...)
    • With some nosing around, Jane finds …
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  • Gcheung28

    Live Chat Party for Premiere

    September 20, 2012 by Gcheung28

    To celebrate the premiere of 666 Park Avenue, let's have a live chat party! Even if you're watching the premiere by yourself or with a friend, why not make it even more fun by joining us online??

    Check out the live chat on September 30 at 10/9 central to scream, gasp, and cry out in excitement with other 666 Park Avenue fans as we watch the first episode EVER together! Record your reactions and sound off scene-by-scene!

    To join our live chat for the premiere episode, Pilot, just click here!

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  • Gcheung28

    666 Park Ave Predictions

    September 20, 2012 by Gcheung28

    Only a little over a week until 666 Park Avenue airs on ABC!!! The premiere of the pilot is 10/9 central on September 30, and, from the look of things, it is going to be a pretty exciting beginning!

    As we all know, the show was based on the book by Gabriella Pierce with the same name. In the book, a young architect named Jane Boyle moves to New York (from Paris of all places) to start a new life with her fiance, Malcolm. And when she meets his family, things get interesting and Jane finds herself with magical abilities. In the TV version, a young couple move into the historical Drake building as resident managers, but do not know that its residents may be possessed by an external force.

    Although it goes along a slightly different storyline t…

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  • Opark 77

    I started a list to determine the top new network drama by popular vote over at the entertainment wiki:

    Top new network dramas in fall 2012

    Last Resort is leading the voting at the time of writing with my single solitary vote but any of you discerning viewers who have an opinion are more than welcome to join in and vote. I have illustrated the list with up to date poster art for all of the series I included so I think it makes for an interesting scroll through too.

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  • LexiLexi

    If you've watched ER, then you probably recognize Erik Palladino as Dr. Dave Malucci. However, Erik Palladino has recently been cast in 666 Park Avenue. He is to play Tony DeMeo, which is a recurring role. This should be an interesting switch from ER, considering he'll be stepping out of his scrubs and into the posh, upscale and absolutely devious Upper East Side!

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