666 Park Avenue
Season 1, Episode 02
IveECa r6Y8 FULL
Air date October 7th
Written by David Wilcox
Directed by Robbie Duncan McNeill
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The Dead Don't Stay Dead

Murmurations is the second episode of the first season of 666 Park Avenue. It aired on October 7, 2012 and attracted 4.99 million viewers.


Jane makes a terrifying discovery about what lies behind the walls of The Drake as she begins to renovate Mr. Barlow's apartment. Meanwhile, Henry wrestles with whether he should tip Gavin off to inside information he has on one of his big projects, and lonely resident Danielle Vincent gets a much needed assist from Gavin with a romantic tryst with a business associate of his. Finally, Brian struggles with his continuing temptation for Alexis.




Guest starring


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