Nona Clark
Gender Female
Family Lottie (Grandmother)
Portrayed By Samantha Jade Logan

Nona Clark is an independent 16-year-old who has grown up at The Drake. She knows the ins and outs of the building and its residents. So when Jane begins researching the building in anticipation of its renovation, the two forge an unexpected friendship. Nona also possesses a mysterious psychic ability, but what she sees isn't always a bright future.

She is introduced as a teen who lives at The Drake with her Grandmother. We soon learn that she is the thief of the building, taking jewelry and assorted accesories from residents including Jane's necklace, Olivia's diamond broach, and her therapist's sunglasses.

It is assumed that her grandma is dead, because she always has an excuse as to why her grandma isn't with her. However, in episode four, her grandma is shown to be stored in her appartment. She looks to be in a catatonic state. 

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